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Call me Eve, how's the apple taste?

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Hey there!

Hi, I'm Jen, I'm chubby and always have been. I am going to be in a couple of weddings in the next year, and I don't feel like being the fat I thought I would join a site where I might get a little support and possible offer some too. Also, I am looking for a good artist, I need a drawing and I totally suck at drtawing. I pretend I can paint (ceramics) and I write alot, but not much with the drawing skills. So I was wondering if there was anyone in this community that I could bat my eyes at (or name your price, if it works for me you got it!) to get a drawing done. I would really appreciate it, as well as the weight support. I am currently 32, 5'7" and 210 pounds. Three years ago I dropped 80 pounds and have kept it off, but I can't seem to get the ball rolling again to drop anymore. Any hints? Thanks!
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